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See how your business is preforming on a day to day basis.

Abledoc Dashboard

Abledoc Dashboard provides you with real-time information relating to your system's performance. This enables you to proactively identify and circumvent bottlenecks, slowdowns, and other issues. Dashboard helps you increase productivity, avoid system failures, and enhance application control.

Abledoc Dashboard functions as the nerve center of information for every component of the system. Through the day, the software will take readings of the system and indicate if everything is functioning properly. When a problem exists in the imaging system, the relevant alarm in the Abledoc Dashboard screen will turn red and notify administrators to the disruption.
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Always know the health of your system.

User Friendly
Monitor entire system performance on a single easy-to-use screen.

A wide variety of products let you know your system's performance.

Mobile Alerts
RSS feed enabling mobile users access to system alerts while on the move.

Disaster Avoidance
Alerts administrators if a
pre-programmed critical error
is detected. Learn More »
In this event, the system can automatically email, text message to a phone, or page administrators, ensuring a timely correction to the error.

Disaster Reduction
When a problem occurs administrators are notified right away.

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